Exploring Belek, Turkey: A Travel Blog

Turkey Travel Blog

Date of trip: 22/04/2024

Travel expert: Joanne Crouch, Store Manager. Perfect Getaways, St Helens.

Location: Belek, Turkey

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the stunning destination of Belek in Turkey, courtesy of Jet2 holidays. Within this blog, I will recount my indulgent, informative, and fun journey. From the luxurious ELA Excellence Hotel to the historic city of Antalya, this trip was a feast for the senses and a testament to the beauty of Turkey.

Belek, a haven for luxury and leisure, welcomed me with open arms. As a travel professional, I’ve recommended this destination based on customer feedback, but experiencing it firsthand has enriched my knowledge of the destination immensely. The region boasts an array of 4 and 5-star hotels, catering to golf enthusiasts and beach lovers alike. Nestled near Lara Beach, Belek offers more than just sunbathing; it’s a gateway to exploring Antalya’s city life, the serene Mangavat waterfalls, and bustling markets.

The ELA Excellence Hotel, part of Jet2 holidays’ Luxe collection, was my home during this trip. This 5-star sanctuary, with its beachfront allure and proximity to the resort centre, offers a taxi ride to town for just 5 euros. With 9 bars, 12 restaurants, and a variety of buffet and à la carte dining options, the hotel caters to every palate. My favourite was the Galata, serving Greek cuisine against the backdrop of the Mediterranean. The evening entertainment, featuring DJs, live bands, and shows, added to the vibrant atmosphere, and the nightclub kept the party going after dark.

The local shopping centre, with its quaint bazaar, presented a treasure trove of handmade Turkish crafts, fashionable bags, and clothing. Cafés and eateries dotted the area, offering delightful spots to unwind and indulge in local flavours. Our adventures led us to the Mangavat waterfalls and the ancient city of Antalya. Steeped in history, Antalya’s ruins and sacred sites were a profound reminder of Turkey’s rich past.

Culinary delights were abundant throughout Turkey, from upscale steakhouses to traditional Turkish eateries. The gastronomic experience was a big highlight of the trip, with hotels offering an array of freshly prepared dishes at cooking stations. The variety and quality of food were exceptional, ensuring a memorable dining experience throughout the trip.

This trip is perfect for those seeking luxury and comfort. Couples and families alike will find Belek’s upscale offerings and activities tailored to their desires for an opulent vacation. While Turkey’s sun shines from May to September, my late April visit showcased pleasant weather, with temperatures ranging from 27 to 30 degrees Celsius. The slightly overcast final day provided ideal conditions for sightseeing without the intense heat. Making this a great time of year for those wanting to experience Turkey’s rich culture.

Now for the big question. Would I revisit Belek? Absolutely! The blend of relaxation, culture, and culinary excellence makes it a destination worth returning to time and again. Belek, Turkey, is a destination that promises indulgence, knowledge, and enjoyment. Whether you’re lounging on the beach, exploring historical sites, or savouring exquisite cuisine, Belek is sure to leave a lasting impression. So, when are you planning your visit?

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