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An Unforgettable Journey: My Moroccan Escapade

Date of Trip: 11/03/24

Travel expert: Laura Oswald. Perfect Getaways, Neston Branch

Location: Morocco

Embarking on a journey to Morocco with EasyJet was like stepping into a vibrant tapestry of colours, culture, and captivating landscapes. This blog will recount the allure of Marrakesh’s bustling Jemaa El-Fna Square and the serene beaches of Agadir. From the luxurious Kenzi Club to the tranquil The View Agadir, each accommodation offered a unique slice of Moroccan hospitality. Whether seeking adventure or relaxation, Morocco beckons with open arms all year round, promising an escape from the mundane to the extraordinary.

The journey began in the vibrant city of Marrakesh, where the heartbeat of the city, Jemaa El-Fna, pulsed with life. The square was a labyrinth of alleys, each turn revealing stalls laden with treasures, enticing the curious traveller to uncover the city’s hidden gems. The air was thick with the scent of spices and the buzz of haggling voices, a symphony of daily life that one could easily lose themselves in for hours.

In contrast, Agadir offered a tranquil reprieve with its sprawling sandy beaches and a promenade that glittered under the Moroccan sun. The city exuded a holiday resort ambiance, a stark difference from the energetic pulse of Marrakesh. For a mere £2, one could enjoy a leisurely horse and cart ride to the marina, a simple pleasure that epitomized the laid-back spirit of Agadir.

My accommodations were nothing short of spectacular. The Kenzi Club in Marrakesh was a paradise for all ages, boasting waterslides and a spa set against the backdrop of traditional Moroccan architecture. It boasted 9 Riads (traditional Moroccan houses), 250 deluxe rooms and 20 junior suites. My deluxe room was very clean and spacious.

The Pickalbatros White Beach, an adults-only haven, was a testament to luxury with its multiple pools and proximity to the serene beach. This resort was one of my favourites due to its size and cleanliness. This hotel has 6 outdoor pools and 1 indoor pool. There is also a relaxing spa on site. The beach is a mere 5-minute stroll away, with Agadir sitting about 25 minutes away, so may not be suitable for travellers wishing to access Agadir frequently.

Lastly, The View Agadir, a newcomer to the scene, offered a peaceful beachfront experience that catered to those seeking serenity. This beautiful hotel is served on a B&B or half-board basis only, so not an option for those seeking all-inclusive getaways. It is located right on the beach front and 5 minutes into the resort centre of Agadir, making it perfect for exploring the local area.

The gastronomic journey was a highlight, with each hotel presenting an array of fresh, buffet-style international cuisines alongside traditional Moroccan dishes. While I had anticipated a burst of flavours, I found the local fare to be unexpectedly mild, yet still enjoyable.

Morocco is a destination with universal appeal. Marrakesh is a dream for explorers and sightseers, while Agadir is ideal for families seeking a relaxing beach getaway. The country’s versatility makes it perfect for anyone looking for a memorable vacation. Morocco’s charm is year-round, offering a delightful alternative for winter sun seekers. The heated pools and year-long open waterslides ensure that any time is a good time to visit this enchanting land.

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